Amanda Is My Official Sun Valley Photography Expert

So I recently needed to get some photos taken for my blogging online business. I live near the Sun Valley area, and there are of course lots of different photographers that I could have used. In fact, the area has an incredibly high demand for photographers.

After my experience this past couple of months, there is no doubt in my mind that Amanda Stelling from Belle-Ink is going to be my go to photographer in Sun Valley, Idaho from now on. No doubt in my mind whats so ever.

Sun Valley has plenty of beautiful landscape, and Amanda did a great job of photographing me in a lot of it. Read the wikipedia article on it to see more about the area. This was a big plus for me as the landscape is one of the biggest reasons I live near there.

If you happen to live in the SV area (the odds are small, but you never know) she is the person to call when you need a photographer.

I Need to Find the Best Job for Me in 2014

My blogging income is fantastic. However, I feel like I need to have a job as well. I can easily run my blog and have a full time job at the same time, and this would maximize my earning potential. If I were to work full time and earn what I think I’m capable of while also continue to slug away at my blogging, I think I could potentially retire in just a few short years. It would be relatively easy as I have low costs, and would be able to save somewhere close to 85% of my income. Working that much wouldn’t be fun for the next few years, but it would allow me to retire quickly.

I recently saw this post on the best jobs for 2014:

I found it very interesting. I think that I’m going to try my hand at getting a job as a personal finance adviser. That was one of the jobs the article recommended, and it sounds like a good fit given my strong background in having very solid personal finances. In the year 2014, that is the top job I’ll be looking to get.

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